It's not as dark as that, Friend

by Motion Theory

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released July 9, 2011

Music by Motion Theory. Lyrics by Dom Main. Produced and recorded by Motion Theory. Mixed by Duncan Williams. Mastered by Andy Wise. Artwork by Steve Scott and Phil Thomas.



Track Name: Let's pave over the Sea
You think you're an architect
of a palace made of tar
but it’s not as dark as that friend
it's more like glass and the pieces give you scars.

You think you’re just flesh and bone
but there's creatures in your head
they scuttle 'round eating you
not because of what you said
but because of what you meant

You're content to shuffle there
dancing in your bed
but the rot is getting out man
there's light still, let's go down
in the ground and see what's dead

Let's pave over the sea
let's plant gardens and dream that we're free
let's build love in a cage
don't let it out now, don't let it out.
Track Name: Dead Reckoning
Waxing, waning, this old moon's light abating,
holding, withholding, inside you I'm falling

Cracks in the surface, craters in my heart
scars that show a million woes, one for every time we part

Satellites twist and turn, burning pictures but no sound,
from out there you'd never know how much fluctuates
nothing's made of stone.

The tides are my ally,
they help me understand
the heights of my love,
just tide marks on the sand.
Track Name: Anima (live)
A thirsty god won't drink from you and I,
I've drunk all of you, I will suck you dry.
If I had a thousand eyes,
I'd see a thousand stupid crimes
against the ones we love

And if you slip away, the ghosts come out to play,
they hide outside the lamplight,
but they seem bold today.

Lanterns light, lead the way
down frozen streets, to the frozen bay.
If I had a thousand tears,
I'd shed them till an ocean clear
could consume me,
consume the ones we love.
Track Name: Sure it's chaos but it's Ours
You know you're like a god to me?
Never there at all.
Know why the fire burns in me?
Or why the snow falls?

Why must everything come down
to boring made up trash?
Isn't it enough to just
experience this glorious mess?

Even when the lights are off
our heads fill with dark,
I know that there's nothing out there,
which don't mean there's no spark

Sure it's chaos but it's ours.
get your hands off,
put your stories down.
Understanding not obedience,
you've done enough harm.
Track Name: Forgotten Girl
The clocks have all run down
your time is running out
if no one speaks up soon
be nothing left of you
This time around

I can't help but see red
the bullet in your head
that steady focused gaze
that gives nothing away.

It's not so much what you
are doing to yourself
but how this broken life
is killing those who love you.

Every now and then
a window opens in
forgotten girl is there
but love won't let us in